Jack Crow’s Old Crews

The Town of Derry

Ritual Binding: Items



Clyde Bruckman’s

Final Repose – The first psychic we came across was named Clyde Bruckman. He was deeply tapped into Janus, on an unconscious level, but unfortunately so too connected was the homicidal maniac tethered to him through the psyche…

…he helped a couple of FBI agents track down the killer before dying. The encounter can only be recalled if ones gains access to ‘the X-files.’

Moulder and Skully

The Town of Derry

*** a group of kids (who ‘shine’) find each other and combine efforts to take down a being posing, to the denizens of their small town, as a clown.

Jack’s Old Crew

…One of them made it out of their ordeal, and we took him, and a priest-friend he made along the way, aboard, initiating them into our hallowed ranks of the Palatine Hill.

***They have a showdown with the Vampire Jan Valek.

***We found them in New Mexico. Jan Valek seeks the Black Cross of Berziers


***We dealt with the doll ‘Chucky,’ … and the black-magician that possessed and inhabited it. Ed and Lorraine could help us with this.

and then the monsters from Poltergeist,

and the Exorcist, with Pazuzu.

An Older Danny Torrence, Doctor Sleep

***And the True Knot, as a child he ‘shines’ brightly, but this only brought out the poltergeist spirits inhabiting the Overlook Hotel. These evil spirits are inter dimensional, and animating the body of Danny’s father they awaken the Saturnian forces inside the man and pursue his family as sacrifice to these dark, old gods.

Skill Tree Breakdown:

You get coins for each date you complete, so when you finish the date where Castor dies, for example, you’ll unlock Castor as his shade, and now as part of the story in his posthumous state.

Part 1. (Claudius the God), 1st Century AD


1. Apply unlocked skill:



2. Apply unlocked skill:


“It’s not sprint, but hey, it’s not walk neither, m’kay?”


3. Apply unlocked skill:


*(“Maybe I won’t get hit in the face as much if I try blocking.”)

Either chance to block as s passive, or an active ability like ‘back-back’ to trigger, or perhaps a new combat stance…need to work out the mechanics of the block.


4. Apply unlocked skill:

‘Front-Thrust’ (punch)

“Well, fight back, why don’t you?

Don’t you know karate?”

“Uhh, no??”

“Oh. Okay. Well then…someone will have to show you karate…”

* But the tables have turned, and now your first effective technique can be unlocked: ‘Front-thrust punch,’ which comes from the left arm–whereas 6. Comes from the left arm).

Also, the character has a pre-animation, settling into a brief ‘horse stance’ before striking.

*faster (does the strike from a left-neutral bow stance. Also increases the power with the upgrade).

*(you sort of just swat at the enemy by default when you attack, as a reaction to being grappled though, and not by any button command as yet. But the tables have turned, and now your first effective technique can be unlocked: ‘Front-thrust punch,’ which comes from the left arm–whereas 6. Comes from the left arm).



5. Apply unlocked skill:

-Stake wield:



6. Apply unlocked skill

-Item Useage

*(Your master will show you how to use either the sage item, or the torch item, or the holy water item, or the cross item, maybe even a health potion. You cast the item as instructed).

*maybe we have the boy throw out like sage smoke or something and the old man does the striking. So whenever you use the item he requests, like the exorcist’s apprentice, you just toss it out and then the old man, following behind you, comes from behind with his cross or whatever weapon or item, and does the killing move. If there’s hit points displayed, have it crack off for these attacks, so everybody will go: oh damn, the old man’s the shit.

*Cross: you can’t kill a vampire at night without one.

Sage: go see the Emperor’s apothecary and get some.


Holy Water:

Silver-tipped wooden stake:



7. Apply unlocked Skill:

-Opener, stake-strike: ‘arcing strike to the head’ or ‘right-hook’

*(similar to a hook, arcing strike, for use in striking the target against the hilt of a weapon. Can perform empty handed–almost sort of a Kung-fu strike. Same as the basic primary strike as when the weapon stake is equipped, to start the first two-hit combo available and following up with the stake move).

*more damage, but slower.


7. Apply unlocked skill:

-Turn-around instantaneously & instantaneously jump.

(at first, turning around has a small animation which can be nullified with this skill)

Then, ‘solid landing’ land from a jump without recoiling.


8. Apply unlocked skill:

-Sprint or possibly dash

(double tap the forward button, or shift+forward on the keyboard).

*(“It’s time you learn to move with greater haste, a little more reckless, loosen your foot lad! It’s now time to be daring! Besides, if we arrive too late you may never even have a chance to see this devil with your very own earthly eyes.”)



9. Apply unlocked skill:

-grapple (there are many varieties of potential techniques from here to unlock)


11. Apply unlocked skill:

-grapple defend, judo throw.


15. Apply unlocked skill:

-double-jump unlock

-left hook. <–Front thrust punch

(after using the basic ‘front thrust punch’ the ability called ‘left hook’ can immediately be utilized by pressing the same button, dealing a quick follow up strike with combo damage multipliers).

-knife wield: automatically a two strike technique upon unlocking. Two successive quick stabs to the belly.

Text based learning games

Claudius, Scribe: “Alright I’ll take you under my tutelage.”

“But remember, if you’re going to pass ‘my’ stage, you’ll have to start paying close attention now. Now, don’t just nod your head along to remain agreeable: do you understand?”

“Okay, because my family and the maneuvers of the Roman aristocracy are a bit complex, but it shouldn’t take you too long to understand the basics of what’s going on; maybe you can give a fresh theory on what is wrong with my family…”

Penalties for for fast forwarding past storyline. “Where’s Jimmy?”

->”Jimmy fell down the well.”

->”Jimmy’s just hiding in the old smither’s barn.”

->”Jimmy found out who the killer was and he’s got him tied up in his basement, come quick, and help him before it’s too late!”

Attack Power base line for all new characters will be ‘1135’.

(Every training session, outside the special quest or mission-based rewards, will award ‘1’ point of ‘Attack Power’ which the player can grind out by dueling the sword master over and over again).

(The real attack power modifiers will be attained through the quest or mission rewards, attribute points after level ups, or skill modifiers, or item modifiers. The single point of attack power achieved from tedious grinding with the weapons master is not very time-effective anywhere beyond the very beginning of the game).

(You are still rewarded experience points, and training frequently with the weapons master at the very beginning of the game can be advantageous).

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