The Box—on Dangerous Puzzles

***the myth of the Sphinx, the Cenobytes.

Constantine and the Swamp Creature

Peter Vankman – con artist


It came from the Carpathians, yet again…

***Ghostbusters II

+*+*+*+*+ +*+*+*+*+ +*+*+*+*+


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Masquerade in Santa Monica

The Fortune Teller (the killer’s perspective from Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose)



jump-attack, … ,

for melee ‘only’ chars:


jab-cross, hard-cross, jab-jab, jab low-kick, defensive-kick,

Kick-boxing stance…

-the first good combo we’ll have will be:) jab-cross head-kick; or dashing knee;

-(maybe) a clench of some kind (maybe not so early)

Alternates to go from here:

-Jab Distance-keeping;



follow-up-kick (after taking damage)

(more advanced):



More complex follow-up-offensive-side-kick;

More advanced offensive-side-kick, with a follow-up-back-knuckle, through to a running-through body-punch, ending with the player character past opponent.

More advanced martial arts techniques:

Hold-Defense Attack;

Double Strikes;


weapon-and-shield: (largely encountered in the earlier portion of the game in the history of Roman wars);

Two-handed melee weapon: (once again Dash-Attack & Jump-Attack),

Shield Block, (Once again Dash-Attack & Jump-Attack), Shield-Strike, Shield-Strike-Double-Strike, A Lunging Strike, for one-hand weapons.

Later we’ll get into unlocking guns.

Table of Contents:

It starts with…(Later1)

The Shining kid

Jack Crow and

(Fangs) The Lost Boys



Doctor Sleep

and Harry Dresden (maybe they come in contact with a REAL pro, John Constantine)


Jack Crow’s Old Crews

The Town of Derry

Ritual Binding: Items



Clyve Bruckman’s Final Repose

The X Files

Moulder & Skully


The Box – Dangerous Puzzles

The Cenobytes

Peter Vankman, con artist

The Swamp Thing


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Masquerade in Santa Monica

The Fortune Teller (the killer’s perspective from Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose)


The Crow

The Return of Harry Dresden

The Golden Child

Rose the Hat, and the True Knot



The Demonologist

Ed and Lorraine Warren

The Exorcist


From Dusk till Dawn

Pennywise, the Dancing Clown

The Overlook Hotel



Etrigan and the Swamp Creature


Gozer, the Gozerian


Omicron: the Nomad Soul

Digital Monsters

Dr. Light



*instead of getting darker, my story gets lighter over time.

(Later1)* pairs with Caesar’s Gallic campaign

(Later2)* pairs with Caesar’s Civil War Era

(Later3)* pairs with the death of Caesar and the rise of Octavian to avenge him

Or, another time in history, like maybe the Ciompi Revolt start here…

and then the Rennaisance era,

And then the Americas


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