The Count

This segment will be the next we see of the Fangs. He is staying alive, purposely lost upon a sea of endless trade where he is stowing away, inside the cargo hold.

Amongst the cache of treasure taken or traded, the Fangs can open a portal whenever he wishes. He lays low as well, sleeping and regenerating when he wishes.

… and floating through an ocean and an ocean of time, the ship of undead crew…

…occasionally his body reanimates in order to intervene on particulars, but for the most part he is regenerating in his astral form.

…waiting, with demonic patience, for the perfect time, and the next best empire, to strike in order to win it all.

Westward expansion, to America

(Maybe at some point the Stakes team catches up to him and destroys his boat).

Upon the vessel, currently inhabiting the body of an animal, he spies upon the vessel’s crew, anticipating any chance that he has before his coffin is inspected.

…and quickly upon arriving he can transform into a coyote, not longer subject to the form of brigand cats. The swarm of bats…

Description: (A ship rocks in the storm)

Description: Now it is calm.

Panel Description: Men are unloading Cargo, down a wooden ramp on a nice sunny day.

“…some of the cargo remains.”

Description: The Vessel is back at sea.

Description: In the image Men are grouped together at the bow of the ship lighting their pipes.

[A cat jumps down near the group of men.]

The cat is mostly gray, and on-edge like a member of the starving, alcoholic crew, [It looks salty and scruffy as well].

Same scars, same earrings…the crewman gave it earrings. Both eyes though. It had huge glowing green eyes.

[If anyone were to give the time to look at the weak and shriveled old-cat, they would maybe even notice it’s beautiful, irradiated eyes were glowing like fireflies.

The curious cat is returning, adventuring around on the ship. Casually the cat makes it’s way down some stairs into the cargo hold. Nobody ever thinks twice about it.

A decaying human body, decomposing, nearly falls to the ground from an opened coffin, but even more horribly than that, is the rag-doll sack of fleshy bones and the smell of putrid flesh which catches your nose almost faster than the heap of bodies.

 “Un-squash-able.” (Maybe)

The Stakes character becomes Un-squash-able. During his encounter with Caligula, The kid I s able to defeat him by unlocking a strange and mysterious new power, running deep into the gravity chamber. Caligula looks sick afterward, and soon embarks on his conquest—in a fevered delusion—against the Roman god Neptune.

His bounty returned, alongside him, to Rome, paraded around in a Triumphal procession, when the chests of loot and treasure are dumped before the representatives of the people they were all filled with sea shells.

It was a sick joke, to demand the rare honor of a Roman Triumphal Procession, for some imaginary war, for some fevered mind’s idea of a conquest—against a god no less. He heaps honors upon himself, but the people are no better fed.

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