Posthumous and the worm god Emperor.


The young Posthumous wore a Black diamond with a ring around it—his storyline will focus on blackmail—and his trinket looks like pitch-Black SATuRn planet with a ring around it.

This symbol, since I’m pretty sure the Romans didn’t know about Saturn’s ring, will be imported from the introduced ‘Iron Ravens’ comic-book (after all, this was produced by Livia, and so is involved in the corruption of the timeline due to the Worm-god Emperor tampering with the beginning of history from millennia in the future. His psychic channels, enhanced by this abominable fusion with some creature on some planet he’d undergone, that can breach time. He claims he had since childhood been able to explore his genetic memories, living experiences of his ancestors as far back as he wanted to explore, and that he had developed prescient abilities as a teenager—and that was when he decided to undergo the metamorphosis with the being only referred to as a Shai’hulud, and sometimes implies that this is a species of worm.

He is the most powerful living psychic that there’s ever been, perhaps he’s eliminating any potential competition—but maybe not. His plans may exceed our current models and intel.

“My predecessors decided to have the Library at Alexandria burned. This was because of what they saw from the future once these texts and scrolls had had their affects upon the persons of the future, and it was a grisly Hades of a spectacle indeed…

The mechanism of the Nexus, from here on we’ll use the same term used by the future world of ‘gravity,’ whereas our Greek fused culture understood this property as ‘Eros,’ or the primordial property of Love within the Universe. Our Roman god ‘Discordia’, or strife and is the opposite of Harmonious Eros. Her symbol is a golden Apple.

In 1988 Moebius collaborated with Stan Lee to make a Silver Surfer comic run called ‘Parable.’

Gotta check out ‘Blueberry’

Western era Intro?

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