When Claudius went to Brittania and met the Druids.


“Iron Ravens.”

****First Page, First Panel.

-Panel Description: Germanicus putting the “Spartan” upon his head, he has curly black hair combed back with deliberate and Competent attention. There is a large family tree looking at him in particular. His “Spartan,” is basically just a Spartan Helmet, and this is never explained nor is it tied to some historical account of Sparta by any means. At least not intentionally. Just a symbol and a name recurring. In the chat Box we have Claudius narrating. In the message box we have characters speaking about Germanicus. The panel is at top left of page side-by-side with the next panel, panel 2–to the right. There are two panels at the top of the page side by side. These top two panels are more square, standard sized panels. There are panels 3,4, and 5 (below 1 & 2) and are long and flat rectangular panels that stretch margin to margin.

-Story Details: Germanicus was a boy well-polished by the women around him in the Temple Aristocracy, all benefitting, no doubt, by the success of his future in the Empire. He is one of the most well-liked in the Claudian family throughout the Empire.

Text Box 1, page 1: [In my family there were always good Claudians, and there were certainly always the rotten ones.]

Chat Bubble 1, page 1: “Germanicus will do great things.”

Chat Bubble 2, page 1: “The children love him already. The people will one day hold him up, plead that he take the role of Emperor–he’s not very far down the bloodline for that to become reality.”

****First Page, Second Panel.

Description: Germanicus wearing his Spartan, and a robust chest piece, like a Christian Crusader, with a large Metallic Cross shining platinum welded to his chest. He lifts a wooden sword into the air in a triumphal stance. We see him from the waist up. Germanicus is one of the Good Claudians, but these people are testosterone drunk and warriors, so even the best will let the savage out fairly regularly (with the sole exception of poor old Claudius, whose beast less nature is the root of his mockery).

Text Box 2, page 1: [Germanicus was one of the Good Claudians.]

****First Page, Third Panel.

Description: First of 3 panels stacked on top of each other. Long horizontal panel, stretched from page margin to page margin. Flat, about half as tall as standard panel size. Germanicus with (No Helmet, show Curly black hair) some blend of Ancient Roman, Crusading Christian, and what the Hell, maybe some Eqyptian warrior prince thrown in for good measure (maybe some ceremonial garb, have some older soldiers in similar gear. His back is facing view and he holds out a spear, legs are exposed and muscular. The spear is just a stick. The point is that this is a blend of history, a vague resemblance, but altogether this is its own storv, in a vacuum. Circular lines at joints, something like Gennedy Tartovsky’s Art in Samurai Jack maybe, or the Clone Wars mini series. Lots of circular lines at the joins etc.

Chat Bubble 3, page 1: “He will be a perfect selection. The others in the family are paltry nobility in comparison.”

Chat Bubble 4, page 1: “Let him run his course. Let him become loved, let the people of the Temple demand he become the Emperor. The more beloved he becomes, the more he will energize the Temple.”

****First page, Fourth Panel:

-Description: Right under third panel, same proportions as third panel. The figures look like Roman Senators, mixed with Egyptian High Priests. Silhouetted, some color on the periphery, we see gray hair and linen robes. They look to a board, one man grabs a figurine with a Spartan on its head.

Text Box 3, First Page: [Claudius: My brother Germanicus was a well-spirited man by nature, despite these mean-spirited times.]

Chat Bubble 5, Page 1: “Prepare the boy. See that no one has him assassinated. Save extra attention for that wicked grandmother of his.”

****First Page, Fifth Panel:

Description: Black silhouettes. A young man in armor kneels before a woman with large elegant hair. She reaches a reagal hand out to him, which he is holding and kissing. Armed guards are lined to the right of panel, silhouetted as well, behind the Germanicus silhouette.

Chat Bubble 6, Page 1: “Save extra attention for Livia.”

*****First Page, Sixth Panel.

Description: Or 6th Landscape. This is just a drawing of the Temple, either just the top of the Temple, which is like a Greek Pyramid with some sort of working electrical system to it, or optionally you could add in the transportation system at work, which consists of an automatic electric cart transportation system operating like a tin-box wind up toy throughout the streets below and within the pyramid structure.



Page Two, Entire Page Layout:

“Cla-Cla-Claudius.” Page 2 & 3. (Not paneled)

-Entire Page Description: Claudius’s pages sometimes are filled with large parchments, lots of text, stacks of books for decoration, feather and ink writing pens. Maybe candles for page decoration. Claudius sitting in a wooden chair, the thinking man reading diligently. There are windows into what he is talking about–like a stage that he is viewing the interplay of his family members from. He sits around the windowed stages, viewing from his candle-lit rooms, quietly observing from afar.

-Story Details: Claudius is a studious boy, as his physical defects and stutter have made him a social outcast in his family of Temple Aristocracy. He is a high borne among them, but an embarrassment to them. Germanicus is his brother.

-Upon large unfurled parchment, text 1: “My stammer and the lameness in my legs have made me a–well an outcast–to put it plainly, or embarrassment, to put it bluntly.”

-Figure 1: Claudius licking his pen, preparing to get started on some lengthy narrative. The parchment is unfurled in front of Claudius. It hangs down a giant Stack of books.

-Text on parchment, unraveled down a stack of books, vertically on the left half of the page, continued text 1: “My family are the leaders of the Temple, and they are warriors and Statesmen, respected and admired by all. They are Men and Women of honor, and are indeed to be revered. However some of them are rotten, the majority it seems, and there are also some of them in which I hold in higher regards. Germanicus, my brother, had always been one of the good Claudians. In Boyhood life he had always been a rather silent boy, and also the only one in my family who showed me any sort of sympathy or compassion, whatsoever. Coming out of his shell quickly in life, it was soon after we had begun the Temple Education program that it seemed he was going to be quite popular with the world around us–whereas I would become estranged by it.”

Page 2, Text box 2: “I, Claudius, drifted off into the background of things–and comfortably remained there for most of my life.”

-Description: regular text box, right underneath the parchment for text box 1.

Page two, text Box 3: “I fell in love with words.”

-Description: Boxes on RIGHT half of page Two. Under candle light, there is a giant ink and feather pen. Books are riddled throughout the page. Text boxes 3-9 stacked messily.

-Page 2, Text Box 4: “I fell in love with the histories of the Temple. Sitting by candle light, I would dive into the literature that suited whatever project I would be working on. I would use the great scholar’s works to supplement my own.

-Page 2, Text Box 5: “It felt like a joint effort–together, me and my wise ancestors would make new works of literature. That was a purpose; a life quite noble enough for me.”

-Page 2, Text Box 6: “I was near hated amongst those in my family because of my naturally-born disabilities. It was as if it somehow reflected upon all of them, and that is where the embarrassment arose; I believe.”

-page 2, text box 7: “My Mother and Grandmother would not sit at the same table as me, claiming it would effect their appetites–and overall digestion.”

-page 2, text box 8: ” I believe the hatred was stemmed by an unsaid notion of the impurities and randomness of bloodlines, which none of them would benefit in believing.

-Page 2, Text Box 9: ” After all, it was this very fragile illusion alone that elevated them above the rabble.”

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