Game Ideas:

***i like the idea in Diablo 2 that people are clearing the way, in zones where a player is going out of their way to do a ‘full clear,’ so that merchants can have a safe travel to move their wares.

Perhaps as a side-quest source of income the player will clear a zone with the slayer and the immediacy after be able to request a merchant to run through the path you’ve cleared for them.

The more diligent you are in clearing the more likely the merchant will make it through alive and get you your due payment.

***maybe a merchant will receive bonus objectives which require them to venture into different areas of the level, or zone, thus further rewarding due diligence in clearing.

****since I’m planning that segmented play style, this would have to be worked in after all the segments adding up to a full standard platformer level have been completed****

A continuous line from left to right, the character moves forward and enters different areas from this central Hub. Inside an area the character doesn’t move and can just click on the figures in the room.

Fatigue meter–> maybe save for later development.

Hoodie in the modern era for stakes. To distinguish him from his younger era (the short hair and the blank facial expression, with the eye-obscuring glasses, and then the youngest where he is wearing a scarf, beady black eyes with no glasses yet, and usually holding a crucifix perpetually in one of his hands).

Boss fight style combat… made to absorb hits, and block mainly, slower attacks, but the attacks take priority, and break opponent’s block.

… the Actraiser level segments will show a fast upgrade with a 13-hit combo, as well as gliding platform features with the mechanical Angel wing, future-slayer… then back to the knight-commander, the bald Templar, and maybe he gets upgrades of some kind, but his segments more tie in with the plot moving forward.

The slayer is able to move much better by the end of the young-slayer segment, and the slayer middle era will be our anchor.

The other level segments will be more tastes, and novelties, from other time periods of the story, and character-combat abilities possible to upgrade to, perhaps, down the line.

The goes for the Fangs pathway too.

Future-Slayer: back to the slayer playthrough, say as the winged future-slayer, if you figure out the flight pattern, the code in the double-jump platformer play-style, and make your way to the second-level platforms, in the sky, and land…

it cuts to a side-scroller, in flight… and swinging whatever weapon, in at this point a mere 2-hit combo, there is a period of fatigue even after this effort…

On the second platform, you learn how to use a three-hit combo, but there’s still the delay after the combo is complete.

The third platform teaches a 4-hit combo, and possibly unlocks some other game mechanic, and the 4th platform unlocks a 5-hit combo. Possibly another mechanic, possibly a more aggressive and offensive flight style.

The Old Man will whip him into shape though.

The next stages of the future-slayer will be much more like Actraiser 2,

And the next stages for the Templar will be much like Actraiser 1, simple single swipes for the most part and only the most basic platform components.

The Nosferatu style gameplay will return, every so often, to remind the player where they came from.

The slayer character becomes more of a shinobi / streets of rage type fighter, Mega Man X focus or Street Fighter focus…

Germanicus survives his historical death, passing away into the Janus system.

Claudius is the last of the Claudian line to enter, reunited with his beloved brother after their historical deaths.

Posthumous was the first to keep returning, he had visited Claudius in secret to tell him about Livia’s plans, and even visited again after his death. If Claudius wasn’t sleeping he might have known far earlier of the Janus program–but it wasn’t his time yet to know. He would go on to be defacto emperor or Rome years later.

Old man has white boxing wraps around his fists, that pop out of his furry brown coat when he’s boxing these initial zombies (maybe save this for later, since this sounds like quite a complicated animation)

Posthumous slamming down on the table of scrolls and books and elixirs and such, asking himself:

*he slams the table with that white glove and the glove and the emotion remind of Vegeta* posthumous: “yes. Maybe it’s just that simple: no one has ever worked hard enough to match them. Well I’m going to work twice as hard, a true Spartan, and go as far as any of these opponents we’ve so far met—and further!”

Animation for stake-wield animation: combo, 2-hit, the previously drawn wide-arcing hook swing, followed by a dramatic wind up from the position the last strike ended, and launching forward with a horizontal stabbing motion toward the chest, finishing with pulling the stake out from the chest, whipping his arm back temporarily and finishing in the combat rest position.


Fangs, witches encounter

Realms of magic are… -after-

The told us his name was Octavian.

A common Roman name.

Octavian is the one who will put right all your wrongs, Livia…”

“So long as Claudius keeps his promise to make me into a god after my death, I have no one to fear anymore.”

The one who travels the timeline threads, like the master, though they work in secret to the other men.”

“The Octavian child—and the Old Man.”

“And who is the old man?”

“A Crusader?”

“ A time-traveler?”

Eldest sister: “Dead.”

Middle sister: “Yes, dead; as all men are, my sweet.”

a good man…despite what some may say–still alive too—“

Middle sister: “Hush!”

Youngest: “He’s the kind all men like best, indeed, the one they say is self-sacrificing types–“


Middle sister: “their communities love them, all morality stems from images of men like them…

Eldest: “–on what your particular definition of power is, in the first place, isn’t it?”

All three departing: Ha-ha-ha

Livia: “Ugh, phantoms!” Casting the fading image aside as

…finding him to be an appalling monster as Livia had warned, Caligula, “Little Boots,” will be seeking after his throne yet.

Only now, He is the mythical Vampire, akin to the one the Count had become.

A horde of undead are under his control–and they are learning, remembering some of what they had learned in life, as far as motor coordination and muscle-memory…

Somewhere, someone is filling armies of the losing side of historical battles, attempting to alter the course of natural history by killing as many of the enemy soldiers as possible.

The Love of Death, the bloodlust, they come back alive only now within the darkness…

The blackest of reigns… of the reign of Caligula, but he does not control those, like HG Wells, or the denizens of the Janus Nexus, that go throughout time.

What a crime Caligula had committed: implicated in the death of the beloved Germanicus!

Germanicus was his own father, but maybe patricide confers the best dark benefits available to the psychopathic sorcerer, and a person like Caligula would do more than skin a cat to attain diabolic power for himself.

Germanicus was also a genuinely good man, at least according to the Roman people, who it would seem near impossible that someone would not admire or value his life, even amongst the Germans he was respected.

In Caligula’s Rome, the death toll mounts to ludicrous heights, not to mention the level of brutalities that are inflicted on those who are arbitrarily selected, seemingly at random by the mad Emperor to meet their end,

Next we are shown the perished Knight-Captain, who had been with us from Rome at the start, Posthumous, one of the boys with Castor and Germanicus, now risen from his grave…

The undead is risen in dirtied armor, he stands out from sheer size amongst the legions of undead. The skin on the back of his neck and his face are all that is visible, his hair long and black hangs over his face, and uncovered by armor, shines pale lit by the moonlight. It is an inhuman sight…

Pinterquest: “It’s all in the handbook of the recently deceased.”

Posthumous becomes our next big bad.

Castor survives, and continues to be a staple character within the storyline. He’s the Knight character, or the Paladin.

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