Dresden: Birds of a Feather

“Your boy is special… No, very special.”

The Skin Walker and the Raven


Danny Torrance

Ghouls: and the Hellsing Organization

“Harry Dresden wakes up in bed with a hot young blonde.”

Lucifer: the Noir episode

The cult of Anubis: the Dresden Files

The X-Files

Dresden carries his hockey stick in both hands when he’s in combat mode, sometimes he uses a drum stick for stabbing motions. Harry beaten up, with bloody face, the skin-walker that had been torturing him…

The Future Slayer

See if we can get a really cool design, and get this in the roto to showcase early on some high-class animation and character design. The future slayer in the brown trench coat had mechanical wings spouting out from his back, and it extends out and on each horizontal strand of the bone-mechanics, ribs of the winged-structure, different weapons are arsenaled, swords of different variety, similar only in they are massively long, and two-hand wieldy. When he presses a button to select a particular weapon, the wing mechanics bends inwardly in order to optimally present the selected weapon to the user, where the Stakes can effortlessly select the handle of the weapon right in front of him.

He can do a barrage attack, where he selects 6 or 7 all at once, and throw the massive two-hand weapons single-handedly, and in a volley that automatically refreshes and resolves after a certain time period, and the arsenal is restored whereby he is able to re-equip his Legendary weapons for either another ranged barrage, or for the uses of a particular weapon for attribution purposes.

The [Stakes] looks a little older, a little gruffer, he always approaches in the trench coat, he looks like the old guy from Law and Order, or Rorschach, and he he’s got a scruffy beard now, a ways past five-o’clock shadow, and he looks like he’s from some ‘other’ place, some war-ravaged dystopia in another timeline, and he is.

The [Stakes] unleashes a barrage of 6 to 7 strike projectile weapon attacks in a sequence, and automatically selecting two weapons afterward with a couple left if more weapons were needed. After a minute or so, the swords disappear from our world, digitized, and returned to his arsenal, since his upgrades are from a digital-fused future, for which monsters had been crossing over in bigger populations as of recently, and the [Stakes] is fighting hordes of new creature warriors, and the future is incrementally providing more and more difficult challenges. The ‘Nightmare’ version of the Vampire, Posthumous, was believed to be the biggest threat imaginable—but this Digital menace was quickly becoming an exponentially larger one!

As the [Stakes] is a scouting party of one, he comes back in working with the Old Man, and the present era [the Stakes], an agent of the Janus Nexus, adjusting the present era timeline, fighting a Nightmarish Future War Forever Conflict, but everyone was carving out a better future, a world the heroes would feel worth living in.

The motivations of everyone are different, but the Old Man is the Professor X, or the Dr. Light (Mega Man X), is interested almost solely in the “cleansing” project of the Timeline, and in carving out a nice future, and so he caps how far forward he travels… but there is the grim storyline parallel of the [Stakes], who returns from unknown terrors, sometimes he tells the story of what he encountered there, in the future, and sometimes he didn’t tell us… sometimes he returned, and didn’t say anything at all. Retiring to his living quarters, a handful of times the poor Old Cog Master saw the fatigued Hero stay within his confines for twenty days.

Then, returning to work, he began smoking cigarettes again. He had drinking under control, but if he were to slip into a relapse, he could ironically use this as a Drunken Master rage, going into a Dark rage, not qualified as Black Magic, but certainly physical force charged with personal emotion and rage with every intention of violence.

The [Stakes] is shown sparingly, only in the futuristic segments, like Cable, and in the Digitization of the Timeline Concluding storylines

The first fusing of the Digital World Summoned into our world as an example in the roto of stories is from ‘The Ghostbusters’ with Zuul. The second incarnation, of ‘the destroyer,’ was the Examon Digimon, an exabyte conceptual digital monster, that was unable till now to manifest, or “render,” until now… the same black clouded swarm in the sky as came that night in New York, with the Hero Pete Vankman, and the doorway was summoned which leads to Gozer the Gozerian.

Now the portal masters are able to pull Examon out of the Digital Universe, and in to our own. This is the reappearance of the Dragon, as the massive Examon falls out of the sky, from the large black cloud swarming portal in the sky above the City, and the Dragon falls into a sky scraper as it wakes up, it’s eyes opening only moments before hitting the ground…

The crew is returned to the present, and the Present Era stages to deal with this Over-Arching Quest Line starts with Devimon, and Weregarurumon on the Good Guys side, and then Myotismon, and Wargreymon for the Good Guys side, and then Piedmon, which they will need the [Stakes] to beat, the highest Mega Level Digimon—and leader of the ‘Dark Masters.’

Most of the other stories cycling out in the roto of [the Stake’s] era are from films and tv series, and maybe some video games and novels, of the 20th Century, dealing with the Supernatural: Ghosts, Zombies, Magic, the Occult, Vampires, Vampire Slayers, Werewolves, Rituals, Black Magic, and White Magic, Time Travel, and Aliens.

A cool story to do would be of a story: a kind of multi-verse of literal stories, of Elric. He could be shown across his many pulp-like stories, swashbuckling adventures, for me I would obviously start him off in the Alan Moore ‘Tom Strong’ comic book. Later, he could be a part of the Nosferatu storyline and parallel Cinema themes, crossing over from the silver screen, in the realm of movies that were labeled ‘Never Made’, lender to us by Lord Morpheus, ‘The Sandman,’ and King of Dreams.

Constantine knows him.

Combat Notes:

Highlander 2: literally the introduction to the film, credits and all, a detailed description of the opening sequence and then when the robes figures in the sand dunes comes on screen, we cut to Dune.

Highlander 2: the introduction of the aging Highlander watching an Opera, a producer is named ‘Panzer’ and he’s at the performance of ‘the Gotterdammerung.’ The hero running to the top of the stage-screen lifts his sword in a warrior’s pose, and the Highlander is entranced into a memory, of old times he’s lived as an immortal.

Dune timeline: we see some warriors in the time of the Harkonnen wars, and subsequent take over of House Atreides and their minion operations on the planet Arrakis, “Dune,” and the subsequent rise of the ‘Qwizatz Haderack’ or some such title, and the rise of the military warlord ‘Muad’dib’, or ‘the desert mouse’ who was the survived heir to House Atreides, who then labeled himself a resistance fighter and led a war—what would become a millennia-long ‘jihad,’ and lead to a bizzare sandworm-human hybrid Leto II, named after the biological offspring of the Atreides boy Paul, who had fused his flesh with that of a budding life form, which is like a tad-pole equivalent, to the organism which would become a giant sandworm, and somehow through using his psychic powers was able to coordinate a fusing of the life-forms, giving him a kind of symbiote-armor system, the desert runner, he could glide in a full spring faster than any man… and thousands of years would pass in the Dune Universe and the boy, Leto, named after his proud grandfather who had been transgressed upon by the greedy and murderous Harkonen, their house a hated enemy now solidified for all of time.

Piedmon: from the cartoon show Digimon, which was like Pokémon, and had similar success, it’s early creature designs and the over-arching narrative was actually quite interesting: and the English dub is really good too, and an art unto itself.

Myotismon or Piedmon would be good to show here, maybe the dark masters are in communication with the Worm God Leto, maybe we’re still at the Devimon level of the Digimon storyline development

(From the Top):

Dresden: Birds of a Feather

“Your boy is special… No, very special.”

The Skin Walker and the Raven


Danny Torrance

Ghouls: and the Hellsing Organization

(More notes):

The priest in the first issue or episode of Hellsing, and how “ghouls work,” and the turning of the police-woman, and how the offer is given before an embrace…


Genetic Science and Transhumanism

The Mark of the Beast

Mega-Man X



Digimon: the chosen ones

Vlad III: the Impaler, ‘son of the Dragon’

Bram Stoker

The White Worm

The History of Cinema

Citizen Kane


Salem’s Lot

Nina Harker

Johnathan Harker



The Dark Masters

The Dresden Files

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


The Shining

The Highlander

Doctor Sleep

“There may only be One!”

Axis Chemicals

“Why don’t you broadcast it?”

Put on a Happy Face

“Why not have a little whiff of my posy?”


The 5th Element

The Professional

La Feme Nikita

The Terminator

Sarah Conner

John Conner

Judgement Day

The Future War

The Forever War

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Origins

The Master Vampire

Hercules and Melqart: Roman Religion and Phoenician Religion


The Crow

The Dresden Files

The X Files


The Conjuring


The X Men: Days of Future Past’


End of either Devimon, Piedmon, Myotismon, Venom-Myotismon, or Ladydevimon.



The Punisher



Dresdin Files: Full Moon



Saga of the Swamp Thing


Vampire: Masquerade

World of Darkness

Prince LaCroix

The Sheriff


Christoff and Prague

The Cabalists


Medieval Times




Order of the Paladins

Janus Nexus

[the Stakes]

Claudius the god

Livia—the Matriarch of the Claudian Line







The Fall of Rome

The Bright Ages: Dark Ages

World of Darkness

The Line of Caine


The Dark Masters

Digital Apocalypse



Androidmon: the first day



Ultimate level: Digimon

The Digital encursion into the ‘real’ world


Metal Greymon

The first incursion: greymon

Crimson Wing!

The Telescope: Piedmon

Piximon: Training

Mega Level: Digimon

Wizard: Harry Dresden

Swamp Thing & John Constantine


Lucifer: Noir


The Thompson “Tommy Gun”


Henry Heniz

Hersey’s Chocolate



The Dust Bowl

Renaissance Italy, Florentine oligarchs, the Medici Family, Sandro Botticelli, and “the little friar,” Savonarola

The Ciompi Rebellion


The Dacian lands

The Mongols

The Holy Roman Empire


The Antediluvians



The first two Cities


The X-Files


The Punisher

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