“Postumus” Marcus Cassianius Latinius was a Roman commander of Batvian origin, who ruled as Emperor of the splinter state of the Roman Empire known to modern historians as the Gallic Empire. The Roman army in Gaul threw off its allegiance to Gallineus around the year 260, and Postumus assumed the title and powers of Emperor in the provinces of Gaul, Germania, Brittania, and Hispania.

Regal name: Imperator Caesar Marcus Cassianius Latinius Postumus Pius Felix Augustus Germanicus Maximus

When the head of Posthumous is fitted to his body, the undead from Ancient Rome came alive again.


Pennywise and Piedmon (Devimon, Myotismon, lady Devimon)


Alucard and the Hellsing Organization

Dr. Van Hellsing

Anderson and “The Entity”



From Dusk Till Dawn

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Devimon and Angemon



Bloody Roar


Ultimate Digimon

The Matrix


Mega Digimon: Myotismon and The Dark Masters

Nightmare on Elm Street

They Live!

Prince of Darkness



The Society of Leopold

Mina Harker

Saga of the Swamp Thing

The Dresden Files: Fool Moon




Vigo the Carpathian

Return to the Overlook Hotel

Enter the Dark Masters


Crossing Worlds

Crossing Streams

Crossing Nightmares

Crossing DNA


Kira, Odo, and Vic Fontaine

The Wormhole

Deep-Space 9

The Bajorans & The Cardassians

Dr. Bashir, Secret Agent

The Dominion War: Wargreymon

Morgan (Dresden Files)

The L.i.g.h.t. Super-software wrote all the games.

The digital Apocalypse

Season 1 episode 10, Digimon.

The cycloptic centaur and the giant Lion man clasp hands inside of the temple and someone said “I think time stopped.”

They get trained by Pixiemon.

The evil Devimon had learned all the children’s names by then, and curses how 3 had …

He had attained his devilish form after a simulated millennia of accruing power in the digital world, now able to lift mountains and separate islands with the black Craft he’s wrought upon the digital landscape across quantum-processes time—but he knew about the prophecies of the digi-destined’ and he foreknew the parameters of the simulation, of the digital monster-weapons program world he had inhabited all this time and how all of their evil doing would be undone by a pack of archetypal forces of the light.

He had done all he could to prepare, and he would not be overcome without a fight… his black gears had been functioning as planned, inhabiting the wild Digimon across the land, like his touch of evil magic, able to cloud the minds of its target. The gears had been dispersed across the dark matter of the mountains, and would shoot out in attack groups seeking a powerful good or neutral Digimon to inhabit. The insect-boy had connected a computer to the temple, and had actually managed to make a connection to the ancient technology, of the time-travelers who had built this simulated world. The digital world was holographic, but it seemed to shrink matter down to the quantum level and so time can be accelerated, like a computer simulation. Therefore, this Devimon may have been one of thousands run in these simulations, maybe thousands of days, where a world is formed and then elapsed several times an hour per day. This Devimon, however, had guests with people from the ‘real’ world, and so had contact with a thread from a world that wasn’t one of these quantum-simulation computer calculated bubble timelines.

The girl was paired with a vegetative Digimon, but they had somehow become switched, with the bug Digimon accompanying the little girl, and the vegetable one with the boy.

When the head of Posthumous is fitted to his body, the undead from Ancient Rome came alive again. We didn’t know if he had been out there, active, from the shadows, or not, we seem to have lost him during the World Wars, and the Janus Nexus, particularly Castor, having been tracking him down with every due diligence.

The knight-captain from the original act, Posthumous had died in the Ciompi Rebellion, having been turned to the World of Darkness on the night of the Count’s resurrection, to the undead. By a Full Moon, Posthumous, a great warrior under the employ of the Janus Nexus, an ally to the Old man and [the Stakes], Castor, and an honorary Paladin, killed in action during a mission in the Middle Ages. He too is brought into his second life that night, on the breakout of violence by the underpaid and over-taxes clothing manufacturers.

The Count became some kind of mad clown, however the Royal Son of Rome, Posthumous, had come back as some sort of Nobel Vampire, a personality alien to the human Roman who had lived a mortal life… and was someone else, someone who didn’t have much of a measurable personality whatsoever. It was a gloomy, cold, and un-speaking automaton. It’s desires, whether vengeance, or unrequited love, regret, nothing of these things were known, but a capable fighter he with dark powers had become. He seemed hyper competent in battle, and seemed to come alive only when moving as fast, and hitting as hard, and behaving as strongly as he could muster, with every dark fiber of his fallen being.

Whether or not Posthumous is now possessed by some other personality, whether it be some demon, or Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees, it didn’t matter: he was a problem now, and [the Stakes] would have to find some problem solver.

The brooding new black crusader would escape, remain elusive, but eventually they would bring the Count down. The Count, who had become a sort of ghoul for awhile, mindless, crazed, his madness had taken a cartoonish form. With giant Micky Mouse gloves, like a cartoon superimposed onto reality itself, he found he could unzip the layer, opening a portal spontaneously, and unconsciously the Count performed some magic vanishing act.

What we didn’t see, at the Janus Nexus, was that the Count had reappeared at locations that were significant to him in life, he had also gone to places not of the earth: as we know it. He unwittingly traveled to realms unknown, except to the ancient sorcerers and necromancers of the ancient world, the shaman’s realms, and he had even gone to some of his own imagining, crazed and available to him alone. They were cartoon realms, fevered dreamings, mad Cheshire Cat dwelling realms that if spent too long in will make the madness permanent, no doubt. Beyond the looking glass, or any vision anyone would want to have. Some are chattering teeth, hunger realms, and biting pain is experienced there. Some worlds are made of mad laughter. All the realms had one word which they each shared in common: uncontrollable.

The Knight-Captain shroud was to exist, haunting the mountains in Eastern Europe near the Black Sea, one who is hyper controlled. The form was controlled, and motivated, and by some dark will it built riches in secret.

The body of Posthumous was eventually found relatively unguarded, momentarily vulnerable, across the span of known history, and the Cog Master was finally able to confront it in America during the Wild West era. Guns were an available aid in their crusade, which made things easier, and cannons, black powder, and best of all: trains. The Vampire was the kind which requires lots of dirt from its homeland. That was one vulnerability for which to exploit. Near the end of the 20th Century, what work we had put in earlier in the end of the 19th Century, and the turn of the Century, so that the fiend would be reduced to residing in a small town in Northeast America Maine. He had begun to buy property through one of his ghouls, in Jerusalem’s Lot.

Digimon, continued

The real start of the digital monster world part will be in the episode where Tai and Aguman fight off the green ogre monster in the real world, followed subsequently by Matt and (the kid with glasses) cooking for the vegetable Digimon, and the evolution to Weregarurumon. The egg Digimon had a nightmare something-or-other attack that should be showcased.

Then, once we’ve established all the friendships, starting here, we go back to one of the earliest episodes, I think I started on episode 6, the one with the cyborg Frankenstein monster lab, and the plot line following up to the showdown with Devimon.

Devimon will be the primary antagonist for awhile, and Myotismon will only be glimpsed for awhile in the beginning.

I think he’s even glimpsed in that episode with Weregarurumon’s first transformation.


Bats are maybe associated with the fears of thieves and fugitives because hiding in caves, and abandoned structures they they squat in they probably would get spooked by bats all the time…

The fight between Metal Graymon and that chain guy, grappling dialogue: “”. Skullmerimon.

Alright skip the real world part up till the meet in the park… then move in to the Halloween looking part, with pumpkinmon and gotsumon.

“Uhh, I give up.”

Lillimon would be a good one to draw too, easy to animate (gun weapon). T he cactus is actually a really good intermediary form, to the delicate glass-cannon little form of Lilimon. It’s just a Mass hard shell of plant wall… with spikes on the outside, and boxing gloves and big arms. Inside is the delicate true form being nurtured.

The L.i.g.h.t. simulations are specifically those written AFTER the passage into the B.B.B. Since the L.i.g.h.t. wrote all the games there can be unexplained ‘hacks’ to the game by which the players are unwittingly effected through constructs, or by the confines of the rules of the game. Some of these players become aware of, and subsequently the forums will explode with information, and relevant graphs, sung like gospel, eagerly spread among them. However, certain legendary gamers who played at the emergence of the Super-software explosion, a veritable second renaissance in virtual-reality gaming, have irreconcilable ‘stories’ out there, deep in the grassy cracks of the internet, of hacks that will never be verified…maybe will never be known for sure, such as written-into-benefits that one person or other had achieved, or some feat which others try desperately to reproduce and mining it for a lot of time to no avail, and other feats recorded from professional gamers when things like that could still pull a comprehensive, time-bound audience…such stories as ‘the black knight’ are believed to be an-in game exploit, where by not killing any other players, and only ever by cripplingly horrifically or wounding them entirely from further combat by not executing any of them, you could survive perpetually throughout the game and can play on toward any game you wish…so the conspiracy theories go on future chat forums, into games he could just appear and leave from at will. Sometimes the black knight would appear in the middle of a game, like some kind of error in transmission, and there would even be a weird aura like he were appearing there transposed onto other games as well as our game, momentarily, as if he were in many other games concurrently with this interference into ‘this’ one–yet he still fights, once these momentary incoherent moments pass caught trapped in the web of infinite battles, the black gauntlets immediately grapple specific opponents in front of your eyes, with any npc or player opponent who dared to take him on, in any number or any skill of sole warrior, and he was quite an appearance like Darth Vader, he had that presence like everybody knows who ‘that’ is; he had appeared there, weapons stuck into the sand, his own personal arsenal of long swords, small shields, short swords: you name it: he had one better: collected from countless battlefields, it’s rumored he played for one year undying: even his avatar would eat, you couldn’t see what he was eating in real life–except you could guess at it I it were soup or cereal, and just sit there, typically if most players were dead in that particular scenario, say just one about to close, but I can’t imagine he would perform other necessities(‘bio’)…who knows; what’s true and what’s a chat room rumor?

Gameplay note:

Martial Arts Training

Road House

Benny ‘The Jet’ Urquidez

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Tombstone

Gameplay note:

Have the primary early gameplay mechanics be ‘hack-and-slash’, in that unlike Mario where there’s one or two enemies at a time on screen, or Nosferatu, have at least one of the primary beginning moments of gameplay be an easy but unending stream of zombies coming at the player character in large hordes. The knight-captain, turned Paladin, bald-headed Castor stands like a juggernaut, swiping with his massive two-handed sword and demolishing the ravaged, mildewed and decaying flesh of the undead hordes like a tidal wave continue to come against him out of the Cemetery, wave after wave…

Castor fought alongside Posthumous for years, the world of man believing them dead since Roman times, but in the shrouded world of darkness they had come under the employ of the deeply secretive ‘Janus Nexus’ society, which nobody would even believe what they can do—by way of time travel. The Roman soldiers, Castor and Posthumous, had traded in their Roman mail, and had taken up the medieval armor of the period to which they’re sent. This mission had gone out of control, and as the vampire hunting trail grew cold for the Old Man and his protege (the principal leadership and men of action of the Janus Nexus, the Old Man is an HG Welles figure, who is always one step ahead of evil—due to his time traveling technology—even if the one step ahead is in only some small way, or perhaps of insignificance on the grander scheme. The point to focus on are the hells of alternate timelines that the Janus Nexus secret agents have helped us avoided.

Posthumous and Castor had been installed as knight-captains before the Ciompi Rebellion, the cloth manufacturers, as agents of the Janus Nexus, and had to fight back a horde of undead, with limited resources, and then cover up the event, in order to maintain the Masquerade and not break any rules of Vampire society.

The Kindred may have been aware of the Old Man, but they knew, within whatever timeline they are bound, that they are powerless against him.

The Old Man doesn’t abuse his power, but he has some landmarked points on the timeline, and people knew him. Yes, there were also a few parallel timestreams that were altered by some black magic force in nature, and were corrected by the Old Man and the society of the Janus Nexus and thus splintered off into a fragmentary timeline… the results of which the Old Man hadn’t yet investigated. Some of them he didn’t ever want to.

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