Introduction to the Fangs character

Pinterquest: “I was told my Native equivalent name corresponds…in my native language…to ‘fetch-a-beer’…”

Lord Girthwand: “Oh? That’s pretty funny. I wonder what mine is…”

The Ciompi Revolt

“Now what’s going on? What are ‘they’ all doing outside there?”

The Hershey Protest: Back-Fired

“You mean why are they trying to get in here, and kill us?

“Namely, yes, that as well.”

The Revolt against the Romans in Ancient Brittania

Ciompi Uprising:

“History will call this time the ‘Ciompi Rebellion.’

It was when the workers got upset about the unfair wages and failed loan programs and had finally had enough.

“My fellow…businessmen…and I have profited greatly, and when money is tight we indeed squeeze our workers before tightening our own belts, naturally…”


“Draining the average laborer through controlling the money, debasing currencies, and allowing inflation, buying up land and treasure hordes for dimes on the dollar, and leaving mere scraps for the textile working public, we offer them loans ‘usurious’ according to the Church, but the more secular the society the more the loans are indulged, and the rampant interest rate further drains the population by nightfall.

Before this, the only one they knew within the rumors of Ancient Germania, who had successfully completed this rite, was their forest god: Odin. The Woodsman pagans had used to be ever present in Valhalla… Odin… he could be at ‘every’ table, of ‘every’ mead hall, … and this was decoded to mean a hologram, and his likeness can be simulated, by laser light projection, into every home or meadhall across the planet. The Hologram is the image where every bit contains the information of the whole image, and the digitized nature of the Hologram is the inevitable future collaboration, United in invading our Material Reality.

Pinterquest: “Yes, sir. A grizzly task, but completed as instructed.”

“Good. Excellent then. This game will have to wait.”

“Your name, by the way…”

“Yes, Lord?”

“I get it know. ‘Pinterquest.’ Off to get a beer, the quest of gettin’ a pint for us at the pub.

“My family, my kind, has never been that way; we make decisions.”

“A power like yours cannot exist without its opposite…”

“Hahaha…” the entity fades away into a shadowy corner of the room.

Posthumous was the Dark Side Balance to [the Stakes], and his unnatural power was causing problems across the timeline, and it seems like he is being controlled by something ‘else,’ maybe something more powerful, more intelligent, and that is the Dark Masters, and the Harbingers of the Digital Apocalypse.

The Fangs

The Fangs Gameplay starts in a stone villa of some kind, during the Ciompi rebellion and violent uprising, and takes place across villas and palacial estates from Florence, Italy, to Transylvania, Germany, Cologne and Berlin, France, Spain, from Rome to fallen players such as Prussians, Dacians, Scythians, and ancient Carthaginians.

However, at the very start, the Count character, the Fang’s first playable character, dies at the pitch fork end of a peasant uprising. He appears to have also been burned with fire pretty bad too.

That night, hours after the burial, a glowing white, moon-lit corpse emerges out of the grave, exiting the Cemetary Gates and approaching the Villa it once dwelt in life, the zombie was able to mindlessly fight its way to the Tower of the Count of the Cloth.

The textile workers uprising signaled the start of something in the European Economy. Vast financial fortunes would soon accumulate, to even non-royalty, and cartels would develop, alongside some good things, but overall improvements in administrative techniques such as double-entry book keeping, as well as some loosenings of the Church’s tolerance of giving out usurious loans by the banking cartels, or anyone, they squabbled about the interest rates, and so families like the Medici family assumed the positions like Royal Roman Triumphal Processions of the super stars, and key players of the era, the invasion brought into Italy, into Rome and into places like Florence, and Ferrara, and fortunes swelled to inordinate size in the oligarchic families that they played up with propaganda campaigns in the Executive Production of the High Arts, as well as the spreading of what would be later called NeoPlatonism, and was a system of Magic, and systems like the Hebrew Kaballah, and gnostic heresies, unrecognized as such by the now much further-fallen population of industrializing society. The Bread and Circuses left the Brand Name from being tarnished, and meanwhile corruption abounded in the Papal estates, and in all the Italian provinces as well… and there’s a moment where the Little Friar, Savanorolla, meets the massive approaching French army, who are deeply Catholic, and convinced them to spare the town.

Lorenzo de Medici was the princely Medici, heir to the king, and was called during his spending campaign within the arts-world ‘Lorenzo the Magnificent’, and some of the biggest names in history were friends and enemies to him. The Medici had been producing Businessmen and Cardinals, the other Europeans, United by Christianity, by disputing monarchs and State-Religions were everywhere forming, the nations recognizing the Pope less and less, the Throne of Peter, and so things were looking like they were in the East, the Orthodox Christian Church, which founded in Constantinople is fundamentally founded in its identity in relation to Rome. The schism is interesting, to say the least, into a kind of Latin-speaking West and a Greek-Speaking East, it wouldn’t be until the implementation of English on the world stage that I think that the concept of the Greek Logos could be presented to the West..

And also the Puritans, who I don’t know much about, but I imagine they don’t want to believe in any of the establishments, are resistant to all forms of trends and fashions, preservers or the enduring kind of knowledge, and ‘sola scriptura’ is their realm of philosophical placement, their order in whatever hierarchical ranking system of the Christian Church you want to have, but whether Catholic, Orthodox, or an American Puritan, you have an overarching system, of Logos, which governs the Universe.

However mysteriously, the Logos brings the Ancient Greek philosophical tradition, rooted in Metaphysics to a Divine coupling with the Hebrew accounts of revelation. Inside the Roman Empire, the first true World Empire, the fusion of these could be synthesized and transmitted across the Land Mass.

The logic, the word, the reason is the glue that binds this society of human beings down the ages. The honest chroniclers, like Claudius. The science, truly so called, and the study of the ancient beliefs, and mystery religions, and the attainment of truth by scientific methodology, empirical testing and verification and by coordination with the broader community of researchers. The thing is removal of biases, and though no one is objective, the striving for the subjective to become ever closer to the objective.

Paul Atreides unraveling his kit of items, Dr. Van Hellsing, …

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