Jack Crow, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Blade

Entemon/ and Metal Entemon

Yusuke Urameshi—Spirit Detective, Tokyo.


Entemon in the English dub translation of the original series of Digimon: Digital Monsters, around the midpoint (at least it feel so) of the original series there’s a character the speaks like Elvis, and he does corny impressions of him, and he always has a microphone, and I always wondered what exactly was done here in the process of translation. It reminded me of Power Rangers. I always wondered as a kid why he had to have that Elvis, and ongoing gimmic, in the Dub of the anime Digimon Adventures, but now I get it, and see the wisdom of it. He represents the true targeted American Market. There was a time period in the story of emerging markets where America was seen as a consumerist powerhouse.

They wrote the book on sales tactics, enfranchisement, and actively rewarded its success stories within the total culture, of ‘what is labeled under the umbrella term ‘Americana’.

He has electrical lines laid out all over the place. He has a communication network, and agents all over the digital landscape. He’s got a reputation. He’s the king of the airwaves, baby.

Mass Media is the natural target for the Dark Masters. The black gears of Devimon were good, a solid strategy, and taking over the minds of the various Digimon across the digital world worked for awhile, but the crude club of a women proved inadequate to defeat the digi-destined…

An information network, narrative control, spy-craft, these are the tools used after Devimon’s mind-controlling gears didn’t work, and Etamon was able to up the ante a little, and became an even stronger threat when he came back as Metaletamon, but overall it was another failed tactic and disappointment for the Dark Masters.

Ultimate form Digimon, so recently the end all be all, and such an impressive upgrade in power, was

now not even enough. The Mega level Digimon could take on all eight of the children’s at once, even if everybody attacked in their ultimate form, we think… it seems that way at least, and even with a Mega digivolution or two they wouldn’t be strong enough to stop even one Dark Master.

“And a Beast Rose Up, Out of the Sea…”

Metalseadramon was the first Digimon sent out to destroy the digi-destined, of the Dark Masters.

Piedmon was collecting each of the kids, and their fully evolved Digimon, as key chains, onto his belt strap. He had transformed them by Digital magic.

Adhering to the rules of Piedmon’s magic, the hunt was on to defeat each member individually, as he set out to do, he had many already on his belt, and their strongest like Thai, and Matt, and while he was collecting the kids and turning them into key chains, The Fairy Digimon with the girl in the pink cowboy hat bring in reinforcements, from below, as they have been pain-stakingly climbing with her loyal attendants, a low tier Digimon of which there are thousands, and using ropes and pulling she brings in the two youngest members of their party, who have seemingly Angelic beings for Digimon, and they only go straight up to ultimate form, and so when they have been used before they’ve been the heavy hitters… until Wargreymon digivolved… then Wargreymon, who was the first Mega level Digimon that the group to had access to, and so now, while all their enemies are Mega level Digimon, and down to the last of the Dark Masters—they are losing—so now it’s time to see whether these Angelic Beings, one Male, one Female, can digivolve into a Mega stage.

But the strange thing about Piedmon is how he is like a collecter, or a producer, a story-teller, and in crafting his puppet narratives and leaving a little for theatricality, the criminal cannot help but boasting a little, particularly the ‘really’ good ones, and that leaves an opening for law enforcement operatives to find the Riddler.

Like an animator, he had mini 3D renderings of each of the characters and therefore had unlimited points for reference in drawing each of them, and they are remarkably designed, like the original Pokémon, that they seem almost oddly perfect, and archetypal somehow, and nobody in the future had quite topped it off, like alien technology, received and play pretend afterward.

Piedmon had each of their threats out of the way, as well, and in his theatre he was indeed separating each of the fighting duos, divide and conquer, and he would throw a white veil that would blind and distract you or your Digimon and when you clear you eyes and restore your vision something’s changed, or he’s gone, and then a sword flies at you from some direction, and a blast of wind hits you like a fist to the face, and he take the blows like he deals them, and has received some damage and taken a few direct hits, seems to have incredible strength and speed and vigor, and so outclassed everyone at the moment, and it was just a matter of time… unless…?

Unless Kari and TK can escape from Piedmon, up a rope, “like gym class,” and Piedmon is right there, with them them, he fought Angemon, and they had a good duel, but Angemon was outclassed by Piedmon, the strongest of Mega Digimon in the land, and so beaten down harshly, the Angel plummets to the ground defeated. And The little girl and Angewoman and TK help bring out MegaAngemon(?) (I think it was called), and this was some kind of Archangel that wielded the Legendary sword Excalibur now, and was finally able to overcome Piedmon.

Then, they were told by GenA.I., the little old man who was a hologram and talked to them every once in awhile, said there are forces in the Universe the those previous dark forces had been the reason for, but it transcends even their digital universe, and indeed, transgresses the boundaries of the digital world and can also be found within the Material world… and so, even in the equally real world of the imagination, though non-material worlds, but that is beyond the purview of the discussion here: the point is the real world in all manner of aspect is under attack by dark forces… fzzzt. The signal in the hologram was going out. Well, gotta go— and then the hologram went dead.

“GenA.I.?” Thai said, impotently. All the children cried out, and got no more answers. No more response. They were on their own again. But they weren’t on their own, because a creature that had been behind all of the previous creatures had come again, from the realm of designs to the Digitized realm of a kind co-materiality, and this new being had hot and cool tubing, to somehow power his enormous power, no doubt, and he is introduced to the small group… as a puzzle-box… and even cube opens up and as a result chains fly out and this new threat seems to be from a much more nightmarish world

The Cenobytes

Jack Crow, Blade, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, this was great, this would make some kind of a great comic book, Jack laughed, this is ridiculous, and Blade looked focused and ready to fight, and Buffy was egregiously sociable and charming.

The puzzle box had been traced to this location, and it was basically confirmed by their collective intel gathering group working on all the research behind the scenes, the ‘Lament Configuration’ has been discharged recently as this location.

Upon discovering that the key to defeating is unfortunately individual to each acolyte, and so we did the research and discovered who they all were, in life, and made amulets and Elixers out of their family-provided items from life, and so we were able to hunt down and vanquish each one…

“Now Clive, come on now. You can’t get this scary, it’s too scary for kids Clive, and it’s a kid’s video game, so don’t let it get this scary? Okay, Clive?”

“I know.” (Clive Barker)

It was Apocalypsemon, and it came out of a puzzle box, with chains and sharp dangerous-looking appendages. The monster contained therein that the children fought was a higher power evil than even the Mega level Digimon… like this one was a… different one, and if we didn’t even have the Mega level monicker to describe it, well, what the hell is it? It was from a different dimension. Okay. Well can we go there? And kill it from it’s own dimension? It was hooked into a red and a blue tube, apparently some kind of technology to fuel whatever abnormally super-powered weapon that the kingdom of darkness could possibly produce.

It was that puzzle-box…

The hunters had infiltrated the coven of the Cenobytes, and the labyrinthine halls of their contact domain, the Lovecraftian city to Leviathan, however, they didn’t account for Blade, and so running down the halls we had the speed to engage with the maze due to Blade’s animal-like fighting ferocity, and prowess I think we both might add, and the portal made by this ‘Lamentation Configuration,’ or puzzle-box, led to a nasty, nightmarish region. Hell itself, or close as one could imagine. And the obscene creatures were no problem for Blade, but the Cenobitic vampires were the real dangerous adversary. Each one was tough to take down. They were a group fortunate to have the proper backing, the Hunters, and preparedness to make an inroad within these twisted labyrinthine halls, and so by crackling of thunder, we encounter the Cenobite, identified as the Leader, and ‘Pinhead’ stood before the combined might of Jack Crow, Blade, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the ‘chosen one’ of slayers of the Kindred plight upon all of mankind.

The fight with the Cenobyte was legendary, but Posthumous interceded, and defended the dark acolyte by force pushing us back and out through the portal we had used to enter.

Farewell, ‘Pinhead,’ I think we shall meet again.

Jack Crow opened a portal, back to the Nexus, as Posthumous was too powerful for us to take on. He seemed to be protecting his side of the timeline, and doing so well, it seems. The power trio had some more gas in the tank, and was eager to fight on, and jump into another mission…

The Digital Era

Yusuke Urameshi

Shinobi 3

The New Fighters

Piedmon is barely being held back by Wargreymon and Thai, Megakabuterimon is waiting in the wings to help in the battle, but Thai keeps, stubbornly, signaling to Izzy to keep back, and help protect Kari if anything goes wrong. Izzy tells Thai about a famous Civil War general who refused ready support, and the old generals fully, and while Wargreymon’s legs are shaking underneath him, the enemy before him has unbelievable power, the ‘Mega’ Dark Master, the Regal Clown Digital Monster, Piedmon, and Thai says “Thanks for the history lesson.”

He believed he needed to wait for Matt, and all 8 Digi-destined, to fight together, all at the same time, with everyone at full power, to defeat the last of the Mega Dark Masters. He was thinking of strategy, and the overall battle plan.

Wargreymon is tough, and Thai is right there with him, between Piedmon and Kari, and the wind from the Clown King’s blows of magic knock the weak human over by the wind of the impact alone.

In the Digital Spiritual World

How strong is Yusuke Urameshi?


After being Resurrected, Yusuke path of attaining 3 mythical artifacts

The soul-snatching orb, a wish-granting mirror, and a sword for “conjuring” demonic sorcery. On the way, Yusuke discovers his special move, which is a Ray Gun he can shoot out of his finger tip—‘the Spirit Gun’, where he concentrates spiritual energy into a single point.

With training, Yusuke is able to start using it more than one time per fight, and eventually begins using it multiple times per fight. The Demon guardian he fought to get the orb was so over-powering, that at first encounter Yusuke completely lost the first fight.

But, on his second encounter, he resolved he had to quickly use up all of his energy in one shot, and thereby hopefully bypassing the tough defenses, hopefully, of the over-powered Demon and win.

He ends up successful, firing the ray gun right into the open mouth of the Demon.

Training arc: Yusuke and ?

Dozens of contestants arrive to the martial arts tournament… a little old master of Reiki walks among the contestants, the best of the best, and in the initial screenings of the fighters Urameshi is given a high power-ranking, after punching a measuring punching bag.

Yusuke’s first fight is with a more experienced fighter. (Hmpf, maybe.)

He was fast, and Yusuke even stated to struggle to keep track of him, and he gets some damage done. A powerful elbow… but Yusuke was able to endure…

In the next fight, Yusuke was tired, he was barely able to keep up with his opponents barrage of strikes, and is further pushed into a corner by his razor sharp shurikens.

He ran toward him bravely—but fell into some marshy water, apparently a hole in the grass he didn’t see, and so everyone watching wondered if it was all over right there: the death of the great hero Urameshi. The Master says, watching after Yusuke won, that his skills are good—almost too good for a Shonen character to become.

Yusuke, after the brutal defeat of Kuabara by the hands of Rando, didn’t have any time to rest between fights. Rando looked like a toy, like Pinocchio, but he was able to grow large, he was a giant, and shape-shifter, and he simply overpowered Kuabara. Though Yusuke is forced to fight him while heavily exhausted he gives him a tough fight by valiantly running forward and with brute force cutting through his magical energy shields, and his vacuum blade attacks. Plowing throw them with nothing but his forearms to guard himself, Yusuke shows why he is the best around.

He lands a hit on Rando, and with his hands by the throat, Yusuke and Rando fall to the ground together, Rando’s back violently crashing against the ground and Yusuke softening his own landing through using Rando’s body as cousin for the fall. When he awakens, he’s a different form, a new dark figure, and he admits that it has been so long since he’s fought in his true demon form.

Yusuke grits his teeth. He’s not one to be easily intimidated. No one ever would describe Yusuke Urameshi of being someone who gets pushed around, and so giant-shadow form, or giant, or any kind of warrior of demon from the spirit realm, whatever the hell it is it’s got to deal with The Spirit Detective now.

Yusuke Urameshi

The fight didn’t start well. Yusuke was being played around with. This new form was indeed powerful, and though Yusuke was really good at hyping himself up, these demon creature shape-changer had him wrapped up in some material or other, and was spinning him around and around in a circle. Yusuke couldn’t do anything but scream at him. The demon laughing at him. Oh boy.

It wasn’t until he bashed him into a tree, and had planned for him to fall down into some ghostly demonic fish he had summoned that that he managed to scrounge together some extra energy, with the help of his friend, and fire off his spirit energy gun at Rando.

Urameshi’s energy is white, but the demonic Rando has red energy, and the two spirit guns are on path to collide with one another. Rando, despite being a lower class demon, was able to replicate Yusuke’s spirit gun after having only seen it once. Then, Rando started a chant. Great. Yusuke had already used up his strongest attack, but, ultimately, the chanting spell backfired on Rando, as Yusuke’s ears were clogged with sea-weed, and the vocalized murmurings were sent back at Rando, revealing he had tried shrinking young Urameshi, and so had accidentally shrunken himself.

Yusuke manages to win, just barely, right when the demon shrinks and he can elbow the creature into the grass. Yusuke was on his way to becoming a powerful fighter, but his sheer luck was undeniable too.

Shinobi 3

Return of the [Digital] ninja master: Neo Zeed is back, the evil organization bent on taking over the world, and only Joe Musashi, The Revenging ‘Shinobi,’ can stop them.

Round 3: Body Weapon: The facility houses a morbid biological weapons laboratory, where Musashi must fight off mutated brains and muscular ooze, descending into the sewers where he faces off against one of Neo-Zeed’s most horrible weapons.

Round 5: Electric Demon: Upon crossing the river, Musashi arrives at another heavily guarded weapons facility in the forest. It is as if he has descended into hell, as he fights the military guerrillas amidst a burning inferno that has engulfed the forest.

Seeking justice and shelter in the facility, Musashi ascends into the top floors and confronts Mechasaurus; a hulking, fire-breathing, robotic dinosaur who resembles Mechagodzilla (perhaps as an allusion to the Godzilla battle in The Revenge of Shinobi), one working prototype of a planned army of these beasts. Round 6: Traps: Musashi descends into a gorge, fighting to stay alive by killing bloodthirsty assassins and seeking a little safety while falling down toward a great canyon.

After fighting Karura; a mystical humanoid hawk, Musashi discover the lair of Neo-Zeed’s last echelon: a mist-shrouded pagoda. He avoids several lethal traps and twisting passages… before meeting the ‘Zeed Corporation’ Lieutenant Byakushishi.

Round 7: The Final Confrontation: Despite defeating Byakushishi in a violent battle, there is one final nail to pound into the coffin of Neo-Zeed. Musashi ascends into the sky on Neo-Zeed’s massive air fortress where his most formidable enemy awaits…

Upon his arrival: Zeed’s true leader, the Shadow Master; a villainous shinobi whose fighting abilities are equal to Musashi’s, and his weapons wield unprecedented power.

His main weapons are throwing shurikens, Ninjutsu magic (both in limited supply) and various melee attacks. In addition, Musashi can now wall jump, climb across ceilings and pipes, and dash across the ground for a powerful sword slice. In two stages, Musashi also rides on a horse and a surfboard in auto-scrolling stages where he must shoot out incoming enemies.

The new fighters: Buffy, Blade, Harry, Dr. Sleep is a summoner class, necromancer, Jack Crow, the cast of character from ‘Hunter: The Reckoning’, also the cast of characters from ‘Redemption—a Vampire the Masquerade’ video game.

This new team battles with [the Stakes], and the Old Man, [the Cog Master], and for the instance teaming up to track down and fight the path of the destruction wrought by ‘Posthumous’ across the timeline, but of course you couldn’t exactly blame the former relative of Claudius, Posthumous, for the creature that stalks the nights is nothing like him anymore, and it seems some dark passenger has taken the wheel from the vehicle of our former friend, and he is dead and his body is mere passenger now—and it needs to be made lay to rest!

The Paladins of the Janus Nexus are armed and further trained to battle against the hordes of undead monsters with Posthumous as their source across the timeline, and HG Wells had appeared to have grown inactive, maybe he died, and so the only other actors Im afraid we’ve seen amongst the slipstream of time travel is what we think was Santa Claus… a strange being who exists there alone, at times, and so it seems we’ve cornered the market, so to speak, and have further entrenched our position since ancient Roman times.

We travel back there, often, to our initial base of operations, and fit out our Paladins with all of the weaponry and areas for training, rest, and recovery, and they have to be economical, this isn’t the bat cave, but they’ve got building caches across the landmarked nodes positions across history.

Rome, the island of Brittania (under occupation by Claudius), Florence Italy in Medieval period, Eastern Europe around the same period, North America in the dust bowl era, and then the Wild West Expansion era, and Tombstone, AZ, and then the Civil War era, and we go to Mexico in the end of the 20th Century, and the movie From Dusk Till Dawn.

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