It starts with…(Later1)

The Shining kid

Jack Crow and

(Fangs) The Lost Boys



Doctor Sleep

and Harry Dresden (maybe they come in contact with a REAL pro, John Constantine)


Jack Crow’s Old Crews

The Town of Derry

Ritual Binding: Items



Clyve Bruckman’s Final Repose

The X Files

Moulder & Skully


The Box – Dangerous Puzzles

The Cenobytes

Peter Vankman, con artist

The Swamp Thing


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Masquerade in Santa Monica

The Fortune Teller (the killer’s perspective from Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose)


The Crow

The Return of Harry Dresden

The Golden Child

Rose the Hat, and the True Knot



The Demonologist

Ed and Lorraine Warren

The Exorcist


From Dusk till Dawn

Pennywise, the Dancing Clown

The Overlook Hotel



Etrigan and the Swamp Creature


Gozer, the Gozerian


Omicron: the Nomad Soul

Digital Monsters

Dr. Light



*instead of getting darker, my story gets lighter over time.

(Later1)* pairs with Caesar’s Gallic campaign

(Later2)* pairs with Caesar’s Civil War Era

(Later3)* pairs with the death of Caesar and the rise of Octavian to avenge him

Or, another time in history, like maybe the Ciompi Revolt start here…

and then the Rennaisance era,

And then the Americas


The thing Danny Torrance never figured out was that his cadre of personalities, his hauntings, were his power.

If he wanted to use them ‘that’ way, that is.

You will be drawn there, the Overlook Hotel, and the only thing you cannot do is pursue their siren’s call to this place. You will indeed be drawn there, a force that felt like magnetism, if you “shine,” by their will… and some who shine go, by a morbid curiosity.

If indulged at all some desires will grow insatiable, irresistible, and you will helpless in bringing yourself to your wolves.

They are hungry… ravenous wolves, and the wish to consume their hosts is strong, yes, the predator’s eyes, but in those they have contacted they give a little, oracular visions, something from which they have power, in our world, to see things and to show you things else-wise you wouldn’t have ever known…They are hungry to consume you, yes, something of the brilliance of your energy, your shine, they’ve heard some of their prey call it—but they know how to sweeten a trap as well—and they are grimly patient.

But, in those they’ve latched onto who give nothing to their dark temptation, they still reside, and indeed they point the way, in dreams, sometimes waking hallucinations, to the callings of the kind who “shine,” but also to themselves, all the way, far away from everything, hundreds of miles away at the Overlook Hotel.

Jack Crow and the Hunters

***(John Carpenter’s Vampire) were the first fellow-hunters we had found in the 21st Century.

Jack Crow : after his parents were killed by vampires, a Cardinal had overseen his childhood education, and training… to become a vampire slayer!

Although this same Cardinal (or Bishop?) would one day betray him, he practically raised Jack and was grooming him to become a master slayer.

They had done well, for a long time, on their own…

…but one night they were reduced down to two guys, and a prostitute in the middle of transforming.

To make things worse, the Cardinal he had known all his life was a scum bag, selling us all out to the master of master blood suckers, sacrificing all of us so he can have “immortality.”

How can people be so stupid?

There’s no life in that bargain, not that anyone sane would want to have. Not anyone with a shred of goodness left in them would want to have.

The Lost Boys

***Caesar’s Gallic War part 1.

***The Battle of Sabis and Caesar’s Counter-Attack

***Next: Caesar’s Gallic War part 2.

***Next: The Battle of Alesia, a few years earlier.


***once struck with the standard army-supplied 2 ‘pilum,’ the opponent is too encumbered by the weight of the bent and purposively broken projectile weapon which they are unable to remove from their shield, and so either way must then discard it.

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