Iron Ravens, part 2.

“…is actually young Caligula, “Little Boots,” who had been ordered to do it all by Livia’s command, and enjoined him into her machinations and web-weavings on threat of mutually assured destruction, after being compromised his grandmother would “reveal the ‘little monster’s’ secret.”

We didn’t know what that was at the time, or what it was supposed to mean…but we would learn, soon enough.”

Claudius: “Caligula seemed very much perturbed by this threat, and it seems whatever leash she had on Caligula was quite a strong one. Almost nothing could cow the young serpent when he was in a rebellious mood.” (His own world is getting whackier, unbeknownst to anyone else in the family, as he realizes too late how very thoroughly shackled he is to this Demonic insanity. Despite his age, he may already be further along this road to Tartarus than even she was…)

(… as the death of Germanicus and Claudius are required to bring the [Fangs] into the story. It’s just too bad that we had to take Germanicus from the group, and the tragedy of losing Germanicus is real, then as it is now. However, there will be other carry-over characters in this 2nd Act, such as Castor and Posthumous).

Caligula will be Emperor of Rome at this time, following the death of Tiberius.

The Temple of Janus

The Janus Nexus…the man in the Gravity Chamber will continue on to Act 2. He, and the chamber, will be their mechanism of Time Travel as it is the place where his machine dilates time, within the range of time-periods which they have specified for their efforts (of eliminating whatever changes to the natural timeline that this ‘worm god’ or unnamed force was making).

In what way will Livia attempt to corrupt Germanicus? The Iron Ravens symbol is the Cadeceus, Hermes or Mercury’s staff (also archetype of Thoth), and it is told to Germanicus that they worship a dual-snake Deity (Black and White, this is an allusion to Freemasonry as well, or occult/secret groups in general). A duality framework, and paganism.

This Iron Raven story is partly a description of the conversion of the original Worm God from a man into a worm (the black one, of the pair of snakes) which had to happen as a symbolic action for him to attain prescience, genetic memories, extremely long life, as well as the ability for production of a mysterious biological substance which is used by his priests, as well as others in the greater marketplace, for other unknown purposes. Apparently, the worm rules over a vast empire within the nether realms, unknown to lord Pluto, or Hades, as he was called in the Greek.

…and an attempt to pair it with the other snake, who is the good one, Augustus (the white one). When the white snake died, the black light could be brought in…to Rome.

…is a metaphor for the Black and White philosophy, of good and evil, duality, being apart of one total system (‘Kabbalah’ basically means whatever Livia wants it to mean to suit her agenda, claiming that it was the secret true belief system of the late Augustus when cornered about it). She simply combined some of the old Jewish stories, Germanic forest-stories, and Egyptian myths, mixed with her own conclusions (forced conclusions, to suit a purpose, and sometimes perhaps right) of what the powerful and mythological Worm-Emperor was, and what it was like for the Iron Ravens in encountering it is her own description of encountering it. In truth, the Worm tyrant was able to become far more powerful than she had allowed the authors and artists of the Iron Ravens series to depict, and was as real as the pages he was written on.

Caligula’s favorite character was, secretly, the worm god, a worship of the tyrant archetype whom nobody knew of, and that he would seek to emulate and do so, soon, so accurately…a ‘predatory’ reign, likes he says, in the comic books. He liked that part.

Claudius has by now ascertained this info by spending time with the [Old Man], and the guy in the gravity chamber of the Janus Nexus. These two are large sources of information, and they are attendants that are relatively fixed structures within the secretive confines of the nexus Temple.

If Claudius had been Germanicus, his studies would never have brought him here and he would be unprepared, in a different way. The Universe had the two cover different basis so they would be better suited to work together. Perhaps the universe works in some dualistic way like that, Claudius thought.

Perhaps that is one reason why he, Claudius, and not Germanicus, was destined to be made Emperor one day.



The Fortune-Teller Killer, the second face of Janus—Clyde Bruckman must ‘Shine’ for the fbi officers to take down the serial killer.

Adding here: VBM

Gary Golden

The Assault on the Society of Leopold

Harry Dresden

The Crow

***The crow that resurrects and makes into the Harlequin is Posthumous, before he falls to the Nightmare form which leads to the ‘Glimpses of the Future’ storylines. Posthumous in his brooding ‘Citizen Kane’ phase, departs for a time from the world of darkness and takes the form of a simple crow.

Jeanette and Therese Voerman

***from Masquerade: Bloodlines. I’m slowly starting to realize they’re the same person…

The Golden Child

Eddie Murphy

Rose the Hat

***and the true knot, child sacrifice. Seeks children who shine, but also adults with which to feed. Sustenance goes to the international creature, who in-turn bestows life and a ‘high’ upon the undead memebers of the ‘true knot.’ They are eventually slain by Danny Torrence.

+*+*+*+*+ +*+*+*+*+ +*+*+*+*+


Ed, and Lorraine Warren

***the Demonologist and Lorraine who ‘Shines.’

+*+*+*+*+ +*+*+*+*+ +*+*+*+*+

From Dusk Till Dawn

***human sacrifice in Mexico, the top of an Aztec ruin dedicated to a bat deity. The survivors could help us…

Pennywise the Dancing Clown

***inter-dimensional, requires child-sacrifice. Extremely powerful, very unbalanced nemesis, seeks out children who ‘shine’, and feeds them to his ‘dead lights’ inside.


***Angels to some, demons to most others. Procures human sacrifice and returns to own realm with the sacrificial victims. It’s desire they seek.

+*+*+*+*+ +*+*+*+*+ +*+*+*+*+

Etrigan and the Swamp Creature

***a rhymer from Hell, useful to the Swamp Creature, or the elemental from earth.

Glimpses of The Future: Zuul and the traveler Gozer: the Gozerian,

Omikron: the Nomad Soul

The Beach Pneumatic Transit System

***Vigo the Carpathian, 16th Century

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